I’m a social butterfly.

Most people describe me as an easy-going, hardworking individual who never gets tired (thank you coffee). I love to socialize with others, and I would definitely categorize myself as an extroverted person. I studied media at Prairie Bible College, and since 2016 I have been travelling internationally working as a freelancer.

With that being said, my main goal is to build loving relationships with people. whether through a conversation on a subway with a stranger, hosting a meet-up to meet other creators, or simply sharing my life to the whole world on social media. I strongly believe in the power that relationships are fundamental to humanity, and that is my responsibility to create healthy impacts on whoever I may come across.



@LifewithElliott is a growing community on Instagram that showcases earth's wonders, teaches photography, and encourages others to chase after their dreams.

I strongly believe that travel has the power to change someone, and I bring my followers on a journey with me as I travel and go through life. It is an authentic, genuine experience, and I share everything about myself.

With the transparency of my social media, I also share the brands and businesses I use and work with, so when they travel, they won't be left in the dark.