Micro-marketing to an active (real) audience.

In a world where followers and likes can be bought, trying to find a real influencer can difficult. I have met with clients that have invested in "influencers" that had no ROI, resulting in a waste of time and resources. Statistics show that my following and engagement growth is organic, and with constant rapid growth and authentic engagement, my community is continually increasing.

Statistics & Demographics.

4k average likes. 245 average comments. 40,000 impressions per post. 2.5k story views. 15% story engagement.

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An authentic platform = higher ROI.

I recently conducted a poll asking if social media users buy products because of influencers. 65% said no and throughout the hundreds of responses I received, there was a common link: people find it hard to trust influencers these days. That's where my platform is different:  I promote products and services I believe in think my followers can benefit from.

In today's world, honesty is a rarity, and that's something that my community appreciates, and that I specialize in. One can say that my transparency is my niche. Partnering together then means a higher return on your investment, as my followers are more inclined to pay attention and would actually be interested in your brand. These are a few responses that I had received:

Depends on the person and HOW they promote it. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem...trustworthy. Also depends on if a product actually interests me.
— @a1enamaria
Once I know it’s an ad then the opinion that follows is almost irrelevant to me...That being said, it really depends on the wording they use when promoting a product and also the transparency of knowing its a paid ad.
— @gedaiahfarber
It depends, if I actually see/know they’re using a product then I’ll consider it. But if they do it just for the $ I unfollow. Don’t have time for senseless ads.
— @Marco_cotzee_shutterbug

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 How does the partnership work?

Every partnership is different, but the general process is pretty simple! We chat about what you're looking for, work out the logistics, I'll create some content, and then promote it on my social media! Ready to create something awesome together? Awesome!