We Want to Work with You!

Our vision is to share our travel lifestyle while encouraging our audiences to explore the world as well. That means we are on the scout for the best experiences to share with our followers including accommodations, as that plays a large role in the travel experience.

We are reaching out to you with interest in collaborating as we believe that Mandarin Oriental would be the perfect hotel to showcase during our time in Paris.

The Mandarin Oriental hotels have a great reputation for amazing hospitality and luxury, and it would be an honor to share our experiences at your hotel with our audiences while creating beautiful content for you.

Our Combined Instagram Statistics.

240k+ followers | 110k impressions/post | 80k reach/post | 10k story views | 15% engagement


Karisma Collins

Karisma is a social media celebrity with a passion for travel, cooking, dance, and all things arts. With 220k followers on Instagram, 85k YouTube subscribers, and 1.1 million TikTok fans, she shares her lifestyle with her audience and as she travels around the world, shares her experiences as well.

Instagram Statistics

impressions/post, 45k reach/post


Elliott Chau

Elliott is a Canadian nomadic storyteller (je peux parler un peu de français!) who has traveled to 30+ countries creating content. By sharing his amazing experiences in the beautiful places that he has visited, he strives to encourage others to explore the world for themselves and to chase their dreams.

Instagram Statistics

impressions/post, 35k reach/post

Combined Demographics.

Our target audiences are North Americans ages 25-34, both men and women.



Age Ranges

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Sponsored Posts

With our quality and quantity of audiences, our 3 sponsored posts each will go a long way; other celebrities and thousands of young adults follow us, so you can rest assured that Mandarin Oriental will be their top choice when planning a trip to Paris!


Content Creation

From the content side, we are happy to provide 15-20 lifestyle & interior photographs that can be used for your social media or for any advertising purposes. We will also create a 30-second story advertisement, showing off the best amenities the hotel has to offer.


Featured Shout Outs

On top of the content and sponsored posts, we would love to provide you with daily Instagram story shout outs during our stay, a feature on our vlogs that we plan on filming during our travels, as well as one TikTok video made from the hotel with a featured shout out.


Example Work: Hotel Triglav Bled, Slovenia.

Our collaboration with Hotel Triglav was a huge success; they doubled their following from shoutouts, received over 300% more engagement on their posts, and we were able to provide quality content for their social media and advertisement purposes.